Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rocky Fork in the Snow

Like most folk who've been cooped up during the snowfall I was in need of some exercise. I trekked back up to Rocky Fork in Unicoi Co. The roads were clear and dry all the way there ... until I turned onto Rocky Fork road itself. It was still snow covered, but the day-time temps were warm enough to make the snow slushy, so traction was there to be had in the big red diesel.

I was primarily there for the exercise so my plan was to trek the 1.3 miles to the last creek crossing, and take a few brackets of pictures on the way back to the truck. The top left picture is a 3-exposure hdr of a most excellent cascade about half-way up the trail.

The next picture is of some icicles that were 'growing' under a log which had fallen over another nice cascade. What drew me to this shot was the pale green and purple colors that the lightly filtered sunlight was making in the water underneath the log. The splashing water at the base of the fall was pretty substantial, so a long exposure was going to blow out. That made it a bit trickey getting the exposure right so that the colors would show up without blowing out the white water.

The last picture is another 3-exposure hdr of the Rocky Fork falls in the snow.

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