Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Boston 2016

What started as a trip to see NYCFCvsNER soccer game at Gillette Stadium ended as a week-long sight-seeing trip to Boston. Big fun was had by all.

Salem Harbor

Park Street Church

Ben Franklin's tomb with Park Street Church in background

A cold Sam Adams

Da girls on the Brass Donkey in the courtyard of the Old City Hall

Old South Meeting House

Old State House

Old South Meeting House

Old Corner Bookstore - now a Chipotle

Bunker Hill

Old North Church

Paul Revere with Old North Church in background

Trinity Episcopal Church
Sam Adams in front of Faneuil Hall

The School Bus

The Heritage engine that got me started when I saw it at the inaugural Railroad Days at Natural Tunnel in Duffield was the last one for me to catch working through Jonesborough. This is it, parked in the north tunnel, taken with my old D90, back in 2013.

It's taken over three years for the 1069 Virginian to finally get on a train that's moving down the Bristol line. On the Facing Book I saw a mention of it being in position to lead 27V from Walkertown NC but that train has a history of swapping or adding power in Roanoke, or being so low in the pecking order that it rolls through SWVa in the middle of the night. So I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was leading from Roanoke, during daylight hours. Now if it will just leave Bristol before dark ...

Once again it all worked out, and 27V left Bristol in tme for a lunch-time run through Jonesborough. I took these shots from the old loading ramp between 2nd and 3rd street, looking east toward the soon-to-be-rebuilt SR depot. The only thing that could've made it better would have been some cloud cover, blue-bird skies makes for lots of high contrast areas which is tough shooting

I've seen all 20 of the Heritage motors on a train through Jonesborough!
(* marks the ones leading a train - to date that leaves only the Erie.)

#13  1065   Savannah and Atlanta *
#15  1066   New York Central *
#19  1067   Reading *
#12  1068   Erie
  #1  1069   Virginian *
  #8  1070   Wabash *
 #16 1071   Central RR of New Jersey *
#11  1072   Illinois Terminal *
  #4  1073   Penn Central *
 #18 1074   Delaware Lackawanna *
 #17 8025   Monongahela *
  #2  8098   Conrail *
#10  8099k Southern *
  #5  8100   Nickel Plate Road *
  #7  8101   Central of Georgia *
  #9  8102   Pennsylvania *
 #14 8103   Norfolk and Western *
  #3  8104   Lehigh Valley *
  #6  8105   Interstate *
 #20 8114   Norfolk Southern *
These are the special interest engines I've seen.

6920    Honoring Our Veterans *
6963    GoRail *
  630    Southern Railway Steam *
  911    Honoring First Responders *
1030    The Forgotten Heritage Engine *
3170w Southern
4000   AC to DC Conversion
4001   AC to DC Conversion