Thursday, June 22, 2017

HHI 2017

Magnolia Plantation's attack defensive-minded peacock

my girls on a bridge in the swamp

same girls, same bridge, same swamp, twixt two trees

flowering swamp bush

big white bird in the swamp

several big white birds in the same swamp

pyramid crypt in Magnolia Cemetery

bend but don't break, the Grand Old Oak in Magnolia Cemetery

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Gotta Catch'em All

The first of the Norfolk Southern heritage fleet that I saw was at the inaugural Railroad Days at Natural Tunnel State park in Duffield Va, way back in July of 2013.

Since then I've been trying to get a picture of all 20 of them, that was accomplished back in May of 2015 when I finally saw the Norfolk & Western.

Since then I've been trying to catch them all leading a train through Jonesborough. That finally happened a few days ago when I finally caught the Erie leading 202 eastbound at 3rd St. It had led through here a few weeks earlier but it was in the wee hours of the morning, and it had worked as a DPU on return legs, but leading-from-behind doesn't count.

During that time I've several of the new specially painted 4000-series engines, there's only one of those - I'm looking at you 4002 -  that I've yet to get a picture of. There's also been several engines with other road names and colorful paint schemes that have passed though on NS rails: the blue and yellow CSX, red and white SOO, bright red of Indiana RR, two with different shades of purple, etc.
I've seen all 20 of the Heritage motors leading on a train through Jonesborough!

#13  1065   Savannah and Atlanta
#15  1066   New York Central
#19  1067   Reading
#12  1068   Erie
  #1  1069   Virginian
  #8  1070   Wabash
 #16 1071   Central RR of New Jersey
#11  1072   Illinois Terminal
  #4  1073   Penn Central
 #18 1074   Delaware Lackawanna
 #17 8025   Monongahela
  #2  8098   Conrail
#10  8099k Southern
  #5  8100   Nickel Plate Road
  #7  8101   Central of Georgia
  #9  8102   Pennsylvania
 #14 8103   Norfolk and Western
  #3  8104   Lehigh Valley
  #6  8105   Interstate
 #20 8114   Norfolk Southern
These are the special interest engines I've seen.

6920    Honoring Our Veterans
6963    GoRail
  630    Southern Railway Steam
  911    Honoring First Responders

3170w Southern
4000   AC to DC Conversion (blue face)
4001   AC to DC Conversion (blue face) *
4003   AC to DC Conversion (red mane) *
4004   AC to DC Conversion (blue mane)
4005   AC to DC Conversion (blue mane)
These are the engines I've seen that have numbers which are interesting.

1111   The Bar Code Unit
1030  The Forgotten Heritage Engine