Sunday, April 10, 2016


Today's 37Q provided another chance to see the NS 1066 New York Central engine leading a train through Jonesborough. Mid-morning runs are tricksy when it comes to lighting because the sun is out of the southeast and my favorite shooting spots are need southwest light. But You shoot what's in front of the camera, amiright?

So here's two from the near the Southern Railway depot being rebuilt near 2nd street in downtown Jonesborough.

After shooting there I figured I could outrun it to Limestone as long as traffic wasn't bad. Well I was only mostly right, I thought I was making good time, traffic was no problem, but I made it to the Limestone and got parked with a full 10 seconds to spare. Here's the results of my point-n-shoot-with-whatever-settings-are-on-the-camera from near the old depot in Limestone.

I've seen all 20 of the Heritage motors.

#13  1065   Savannah and Atlanta
#15  1066   New York Central
#19  1067   Reading
#12  1068   Erie
  #1  1069   Virginian
  #8  1070   Wabash
 #16 1071   Central RR of New Jersey
#11  1072   Illinois Terminal
  #4  1073   Penn Central
 #18 1074   Delaware Lackawanna
 #17 8025   Monongahela
  #2  8098   Conrail
#10  8099k Southern
  #5  8100   Nickel Plate Road
  #7  8101   Central of Georgia
  #9  8102   Pennsylvania
 #14 8103   Norfolk and Western
  #3  8104   Lehigh Valley
  #6  8105   Interstate
 #20 8114   Norfolk Southern
These were new special interest engines for me.

6920    Honoring Our Veterans
6963    GoRail
  630    Southern Railway Steam
  911    Honoring First Responders
1030    The Forgotten Heritage Engine
3170w Southern
4000   AD to DC Conversion
4001   AD to DC Conversion