Monday, January 24, 2011

Hutton House

This civil-war era house was owned by Christine "miss teenie" Hutton. We used to sneak off and play in the house when we were kids. Check out the size of the limestone blocks that are used for the foundation. Very cool. The house was built by slaves, from bricks that were fired about 1/4 mile away.

The main floor joists are made from whole trees, split in half, with the bark still on. It's got jail cells in the basement, yep jail cells, with bars on the windows and locks on the doors. Back when we were younger and stupider we'd take turns locking each other up in those cells. Hey, it's better than playing jail with the old refrigerator behind granny's house, right?

I can remember the portico over the front door being very ornate, I'm not sure what happened to it, there are no remnants of it left. Inside the front door there was a marble staircase that curved up to the second floor. Even back then the floor was starting to give way because of the weight of the staircase, when I looked in yesterday the floor and the stairs had collapsed into the basement, very sad. The cistern was located around back, near the kitchen, in what today we'd call the back deck. It had a hand-powered water pump that would draw water up from the cistern.

The brick that have fallen away on the left side is damage from this year's wind storm. The stump from a huge pine tree that fell over during that storm can been in the right front. The house has seen lots of history and more than it's share of bad weather, and it has lasted in pretty good condition until this year, but I doubt that it will hang on much longer now that the roof has started giving way.

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