Saturday, January 29, 2011

Deakins Barn

I pass by this barn most every day on my way to work. From the road there's a really neat looking shot of the barn through a 'tunnel' of overhanging trees. I've been threatening to stop and shoot a bracket for quite a while but for whatever reason I never did ... till yesterday.

I got stopped and my camera on the tripod and walked down to where I figured the best vantage point would be, but the view from there was a cluttered mess. There was a newly constructed house filling in the background for the entire left half of the frame. It would have been too much work to photoshop it out of the picture, so to get that out of the frame I had to get closer to the barn than I wanted, which took away the 'tunnel' of trees that were framing the barn ... oh bother.

But I soldiered on and clicked off one bracket. After letting photomatix have it's way with the brackets the result was still disappointing, to composition just wasn't special in any way, it was just a picture of an old barn. So I converted it to black & white and I liked it a bit better, but it's still just average. oh well ...

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