Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Face only a Mother Could Love.

I finally got some pictures of Norfolk Southern's Illinois Terminal Heritage engine in Jonesborough ! Most Excellent. I'd seen it once before over in Norton Va, and got some nice pics of it sitting the Norton yard, but this is better. It was the cherry-on-top of a great train weekend that saw 4, yes 4, heritage engines come through Jonesborough. 

Since it was going to be a morning shoot, I went to the only place I in Jonesborough that lets me shoot an east-bound train with the sun at my back. The only downside was that it was trailing 3rd, not working as a DPU as is the norm on 23G, but, you have to shoot what you see, right?

 Here's the results from the Jonesborough shoot:

I had not planned to shoot any more, but when the train in front of it stopped, it held up for about 40 minutes in Johnson City, so I took that opportunity to get a few more pictures. There were back lit though, so they took a bit more work in post processing.

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