Saturday, May 30, 2015

Central of Georgia

It's been quite a while since Norfolk Southern's  Central of Georgia heritage motor came through our area. Thanks to the folk on the Facing Book for yet another heads up. The last time it came thru here was also at night, in early December, trailing 3rd on a westbound intermodal train. This time is was leading a Herzog train.

Since then I've acquired a nice external flash and a pair of remote triggers, so the picture taking experience is much gooder. Below is the one shot I took as it appeared rolling by the Parson's Table. Not a bad shot.

The Central of Georgia made the return trip on the Herzog train the following afternoon. I caught up to it at Sand Valley and took a few more pictures, even though it was trailing third this trip. The train was moving very fast when it came by so they weren't as sharp as I wanted but here they are:

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