Sunday, July 8, 2012

A year or so ago I saw a picture of a waterfall that the photographer said was taken in Abingdon Va. I inquired about where it was located but never got a response. I posted copy of that picture to see if my FB buddies that live in the Abingdon area knew where it was. I got a couple responses saying that it might be out past Whites Mill

Last week a FB buddy posted a picture that looked to be the same waterfall and I got some directions and decided to go this past Saturday afternoon. It was a terrible day for waterfall picture taking but my goal wasn't a good picture, I really just wanted to find it and see if it was worth a trip back in the fall.

I saw the waterfall below from the road as I drove by, but there was no easy way to get to it. And since this wasn't the waterfall I was looking for I kept driving. At the end of the road I turned around and on my way back out I found a place to park and a trail that led toward the waterfall. I took the trail and found a waterfall that was similar to the one I was looking for but wasn't it. I took a quick iPhone pic for evidence then got back on the trail and it led on to the bottom of the waterfall I saw from the road.

I rumbled, bumbled and stumbled down the bank and climbed up on a big rock below the waterfall. It was so muggy down in that gorge that I only stayed long enough to get one bracket.

Private Waterfall in Abingdon
On my way back to the truck I saw the 'private property' sign nailed to a tree that I had walked right by on my way in. Had I seen the sign on my way in I wouldn't have continued. I'll definitely need to get permission before I go back.

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