Sunday, July 15, 2012

da Train! da Train!

The Southern Railway 630 finally made an appearance in Jonesborough this past Friday. It was worth the wait.

It was supposed to be pulling a train through the area last weekend but had mechanical issues in SWVa. There were rumors that it would be leave Virginia "Thursday or Friday" ... that much of a time window wasn't going to do me any good. I started seeing FB posts and TwitPics on Thursday showing that it was rolling south, was going to overnight at the Bristol Train station, then start again at 9:30 Friday ... putting it in J'boro about 10:30. Social media F.T.W.

It was raining hard on Friday morning, so instead of going to Bristol I figured on meeting the train in Jonesborough. John and I made it to the parking lot at the Parson's Table, thinking the curve coming into Jonesborough next to the Salt House would be a good spot for some pictures ... it was apparent when we got there that several other folk (one of them was Peter Montanti) had the same thought. We staked out a good spot and waited ... for a while ... the train was 45 minutes late leaving Bristol.

My hopes that the train would roll through town slowly were soon dispelled as the old 630 came screaming through the crossing. Big. Loud. Smoky. Steamy. Horns blaring and bell clanging. Most Excellent.

SR630 as she first rolled into Jonesborough
A few seconds later the two diesel pushers are visible
As soon as the train rolled past we jumped in the truck and raced to the old train station in Limestone. Some traffic laws were 'bent' as we made our way there but we arrived about 5 minutes before the train, just enough time to scout out a good position. There were a few folk waiting at that crossing too.

Rolling coal as she charges up the hill toward the Limestone station.

Screaming by the old Telford train station
The last picture is a faux-HDR that shows more of the old Limestone train station. I'm sure it's been a long time since that old station had steam engines rolling by.


  1. Mike
    Great photos and well worth the bending of the rules. For some reason I was living in a cave and didn't know about this until I started seeing posts from the region with photos. I need to keep my eyes open!

    The last shot at the old Limestone station is by far the best I've seen. Great job.