Friday, July 27, 2012

Bridge over TN-96

On our way home from Little Rock we detoured around Nashville so that I could see this bridge.  It is the on the Natchez Trace Parkway where it crosses over TN-96. It was the worst possible conditions for taking pictures: really hot, near midday, just a few small clouds, did I mention it was about 100 degrees ?

We got up on the parkway and drove across to the pullout. The foliage was so dense that a good picture from there was not going to happen - maybe in the winter when the leaves are down. I walked out a path and took this picture from the underneath. The scene was so contrasty (is that a word) that balancing the sky, bridge, greenery, and the reflection was nigh onto impossible. Again, this is a shoot better left for different conditions

the bottom
We drove back across and went to get back on TN-96 and stopped at a pullout at the base of the bridge. The next picture was taken from the field near the base of one of the arches, the last picture was taken from the pullout. This is a shoot that needs to happen in the fall when the trees have good color and there's lots of clouds in the sky, or in the winter when there's some snow ...
from a field near the base

from the parking lot near TN-96

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