Saturday, October 23, 2010

Laurel Bed Lake - Russell Co Va

I took my herd o' womens on a ride up to Laurel Bed Lake on the top of Clinch Mountain in Russell Co Va. I spent a lot of time during my teenage years hunting on that mountain and fishing in Tumbling Creek. Laurel Bed Lake is a man-made 330-acre lake that was created by damming up Big Tumbling Creek. It's literally on the top of Clinch mountain at around 3600 feet. The lake was created back in the early 60's to help provide sufficient water flow in Big tumbling Creek because it was a fee fishing trout stream.

The last time I was up there was almost 30 years ago, so I was surprised to see as much development along the road as we started up the mountain. But that only lasted a mile or so then it was road I remembered, following the creek up the mountain across the one-lane bridges and working up hill through a series of tight switchbacks.

As we made our way toward the lake I entertained the girls with storys of how I mis-spent so much of my youth walking around on that mountain with a gun and a fishing rod. Like the time I drove from the lake back to the the main road in the dark, in a truck where the headlights didn't work 'cause the alternator went out on the way up the mountain. A sharp guy would have turned around and went home while it was daylight, but I wasn't as sharp then as I is now.

Anyway, here's a picture of Emily sitting on a chair-shaped rock in the last of the three parking areas.

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