Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cool Stuff to See Around Little Rock

The first picture was taken while I was standing between the index finger and middle finger of Six Fingers Falls because there wasn't any water running between the other fingers.

The top right picture is of Falling Water Waterfall - sounds like it was named the Deptartment of Redundancy Department. The color of the water is interestingly odd, and there is no obvious out-flow of water from the plunge pool, the water must be leaking out between the rocks or into a cavern.

And the bottom right picture is the official Pedestal Rock located in the Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area, in north central Arkansas.

The next three pictures were taken at the air show in Little Rock, nose art from an a-10 warthog from the 'flying razorbacks'. The next two are of the USAF Thunderbirds - they rocked, at the Rock.

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  1. You musta had some ultra cool dude providing guide service that day. TH ;)