Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Great Channels Natural Area Preserve - The View

In addition to the geologic coolness of the rocks at the top of the Great Channels Natural Area Preserve, there is an insanely nice view of southwest Virginia. Since you are mostly above the tree canopy there is almost an unobstructed 360 degree view.

If a person was able to climb up the fire tower about two sections of steps, you'definitely have a clear view all around - but the fire tower has a sign that warns folk not to climb - so I can't in good conscience advise you to do this. I've not been anywhere in this area that affords such an unobstructed view of the valleys and surrounding mountain ranges. I'd be willing to bet that on a clear day you could see 50 miles.

The top picture was take facing due south. The sun was low in the west, it was quite hazy over the mountains, and I had forgotten to reinstall my polarizer afore I took this picture, so I dinked with the picture a bit trying to bring out some of the detail.

The bottom picture was taken facing north-east. That direction was not as badly hazed over as the southern exposure, so it needed a bit less post-processing.

I'll definitely be making a trip back in early winter when the sky's clear and the haze is gone. It'll be spectacular.

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