Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Bit of Redemption

A few days back I stunk up a potential shot of the NS 8102 Pennsylvania Heritage engine on a night run through Jonesborough. The pics were only good enough to serve as proof of a heritage engine sighting but that's all. I hoped it would return on the trip back from Memphis but I also figured the best case it would be trailing. But at least there would be a chance at a better picture, this time with a snow scene for a background - a reasonable trade.

Thanks to some fine folk on the ETRail group on the FaceTube I watched the train's progression from Chattanooga to Jonesborough. The timing worked out great because I could get to a new picture-shooting location on my home from work. Well, as they say ... "the best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray."

Another nice guy on the FaceTube put me onto this spot earlier in the week, but when I scouted out this location for myself it was a clear sunny morning and the sun was to my left. This time I was looking straight into the sun; nothing but lots of huge monstrous ugly lens flare. Then, while trying to find a way to block the sun from the front of the lens with my hand, I heard the engine's horn blowing at the crossings coming out of Jonesborough.

Time for plan B.

I moved back toward my truck and stood with the camera in the shadow of the RR crossing sign. That fixed the lens flare problem but a stand of trees blocked the angle to the shot that I wanted. Trade-offs.

Anyway, after all the scurrying about, I snapped these two pics of 'the Tuscan Red train with the "Cat Whisker" gold pinstripes' as it began accelerating up the hill toward Johnson City. The sun was setting quickly and there were some decent clouds to add some interest to the sky; consolation since I didn't get to use the angle I wanted.

This is not a new Heritage engine for me, still at 9 of 20, only 11 more.

#1 1069 Virginian
#2 8098 Conrail
#3 8104 Lehigh Valley
#4 1073 Penn Central
#5 8100 Nickel Plate Road
#6 8105 Interstate
#7 8101 Central of Georgia
#8 1070 Wabash
#9 8102 Pennsylvania

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