Sunday, April 8, 2012

It was Good Friday and I figured I need to do something 'spiritual'. I had read this quote earlier in the morning "Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection ... in every leaf in springtime." so I decided to go take a walk through the woods and find some new things that needed their picture taken. 

We had a big rain event the previous evening so I knew all the creeks in our area would be running way above normal, so I needed a walk that would not require any creek crossings.The Margarette (Marguerite) Falls trail in Greeneville got some serious trail love a few years ago and all but one of the creek crossings are now gone, The trail was rerouted in two sections, a bridge was added, and several stone staircases have been added to make it a very enjoyable hike. There is only one muddy, slick, steep spot left on the trail.

I almost turned around when I crossed the bridge over the Nolichuckey river, it was way up and way muddy. Muddy water don't make pretty waterfall pictures, do they precious? I kept going, waiting to make the final decision to go or go home when I got to Clark's Creek, it was still running clear ... excellent.

It's getting near the end of spring wildflower season, but I was still hoping for some late-bloomers. I wasn't disappointed. This clump of foamflower was tucked in behind some rocks along the creek. The picture is not quite a sharps as I'd like as there as constant breeze blowing them and I didn't have enough stuff with me to block it.
It was just by chance that I spotted this pair of red and white trillium just above eye level along the trail. The wind was blowing them around pretty good so getting a sharp shot of them was an lot of trial and effort.
Red and white trillium
Now this part of walk was cool, the creek was running really full so there was a constant roar of water until I rounded a bend in the trail and I heard what I swore was a small child laughing. This is a well traveled trail so there are almost always folk walking and playing in the creek. The trail at this point is about 25 feet above the creek, so I was looking for a the source of the laughter but found no one there. Hmmm. I couldn't let it go, so I scampered down to the creek and found this little guy tucked into the rock face that normally doesn't have water flowing over it. The additional flow of water over that small shelf made the gurgling that sounds like a child's laugh. I took a stick and poked it in several places above the small shelf and changed the tone ... big fun.

The Gurgler.
The main attraction. There's plenty of places to rest, picnic, and take pictures. The flow of water over the falls was excellent, the noise level was high and constant, and the consistent breeze made for waves of over-spray and kept the laurel leaves moving, both are bad if you want tack-sharp pictures. So you learn to take what you're offered and enjoy it.
Margarette Falls (aka Marguerite Falls)
You ever get that creepy feeling that you're being watched? Being in a place where there the ambient noise of the waterfall is all you can hear just makes it worse. I was zooming and panning around the face of the waterfall and found the shape of  hooded druid watcher person... I kept subconsciously seeing that shape in the pictures, but not when I looked at the falls. Stephen King would be proud.
The Watcher.

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