Sunday, August 21, 2011

Marion Train Station

I saw a recent picture of the train station in Marion Va. What caught my eye was that the construction dumpsters were gone! The last time I was by there the place was being refitted for some retail shops and there were several dumpsters and lots of trucks all around the place. Definitely not ready for pictures.

Once I got there and walked around I realized that it might never be ready. The retail-ization of the property has cluttered the property so much that any picture will be 'busy'. So I snapped a bracket from the best angle available and ran them through HDR Efex Pro and then straight to Photoshop for some serious clutter removal. After a good amount of work I decided to convert it to black and white, crop it rather tight and add the vignette for an 'old timey' look. It turned out rather well.

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