Monday, August 22, 2011

Marion Fish Hatchery

This picture is of the aerators at the Marion Fish Hatchery in, you guessed it, Marion Va. I can remember going to the hatchery on field trips back when I was in grade school. In all honesty I was surprised it was still in operation.

I saw them from the road as I drove by as was immediately struck by the color and shape ... they are so cool looking! It was closed when I got there but the nice lady that works there saw me taking a picture from outside the fence and let me come inside and walk around to take all the pictures I wanted ... she was a really nice lady. She had two 'plow dogs' that kept me company while I walked around.

It was so bright that a slow shutter speed was out of the question. And the center three were in partial shade making it that much worse. So what I ended up with was this over-cooked, faux-HDR version. It's ok, but I definitely want to go back some day when the conditions are better for picture taking.

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