Saturday, July 31, 2010

Labyrinth Weir at South Holston Lake

Definitely a cool (literally) place to go hang out with the family on a hot summer day. we took a picnic lunch and ate at one of the tables by the river. Then I tried my luck at catching some of the trout from the river - maybe next time .... we then hiked the 2 mile loop around Osceola island. It was a good way to spend a hot summer afternoon, the cool breeze off the river was especially nice.

The Labyrinth weirs are about a mile below South Holston dam. The weirs were built by TVA in the early 90's to provide oxygen to the water when the hydropower plant isn't generating electricity.

I took the picture at the right from the bridge that crosses over to Osceola island. There is a matching labyrinth weir on the opposite side of the island.

Take SR394 past the Bristol Motor Speedway to the intersection with SR421. Turn right and continue 2.9 miles south on 421. Turn right onto Emmett Road and continue for 1.6 miles - bear right at the fork. After crossing the bridge, you'll find parking for the recreation area on left.

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