Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cades Cove and Spruce Flats Falls

It rained and stormed the whole morning before we got to the Cades Cove loop, so the wildlife in the park was still taking cover ... at least that's my story as to why we saw just a few turkey and a few whitetail deer.

But the barns were cool and I like barns, old ones, new ones, doesn't matter. There's just something about the shape of a barn. Simplistic utiliy. The first one is at Cable Mill.

The next one is at the Tipton Farm. It's a cantilevered design, I've never seen one afore. It makes sense for creating shade, and some protection from the weather, but it looks top-heavy, kind of like a big wooden mushroom, or maybe like someone has stolen the bottom half ... regardless, it's a cool looking barn.

We also hiked to a waterfall on the way out of Cades Cove named Spruce Flats Falls. It was a pretty average hike, about a mile each way, a bit steep at each end, and the falls were just ok, not that different from most of the other falls I've seen.

What was cool is that this was the first time I've taken a picture with my new handy-dandy ND8 neutral density filter installed.

It was about 2:00PM so the light was really bad for waterfall picture taking, but this filter did a respectible job of getting a 10 second exposure in bright light.

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