Thursday, May 20, 2010

Martin's Creek Falls

I needed a quick trip to a waterfall to test out some new hardware and Martin's Creek Falls in Erwin was a perfect candidate because they are less than 100 yds from the road. But when I got there I found the trail down to the falls is in bad shape; clogged with lots of downed timber so it took a bit longer to work my way down the trail which comes out on top of the falls then snakes it's way down along the left side to the base.

Martin's Creek Falls (~20 ft high)
36 07.002N 82 23.394W, 2160 ft elev.

Like other waterfalls I've been to this spring, this one too suffers from the remnants of a rough winter, that is, lots of clutter in the form of broken branches and leaves. This makes composing the picture a real chore. I moved a few branches that were close but I was running out of daylight.

The waterfall itself is well worth a trip to see, it's tucked into a nice quiet corner, with only a modest amount of water flowing over it. But the water that does flow covers the face of the rock is some very neat patterns. The pool at the base it shallow, and pretty reflective, making the long exposure shots really glow.

To get there from Main Street in Erwin, turn left onto Love Street and travel through the four red lights. At the fourth light go straight through the intersection. The road becomes Okolona Drive and passes by the High School on your right. At the T-intersection, turn left on Martin's Creek Road and continue 1 1/2miles. The last 9/10 mile of which is on a fairly rough gravel road. The trail head is on the left, and is marked only by a white ribbon tied around a tree, there is room there for one car to park at that tree.

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