Saturday, November 22, 2014

Santa Train 2014

I made my annual pilgrimage to Kermit Va to shoot some pics of the Santa Train. This time though, I had a new weapon at my disposal, my quad copter with on-board GoPro camera ...

I really didn't want to be the next guy that got beat up on the Facing Book for flying my quad into trouble, so I made sure to stay outside the "60 feet from the center line of the rail" limit that the railroad has mandated. This made the resulting video more blah than I'd hoped for ... but hey. Here's a very-low-res version of the video

Here's a couple of screen grabs from that same video. The building on the right in the first one is the old sand plant that used to supply sand to the glass making factories in Kingsport.

It was moving faster than I could fly but I got low enough that they could see the quad. So it's about here that I think Santa and the other folk finally saw my quad and started waving.At least they didn't think it was a threat and start throwing stuff at it, or have the armed guards try to shoot it down ...

And here are a couple that we took at a crossing just down the road from the stop at Kermit:


Next year, God willing, I intend to go left around the corner toward the Sand Mountain tunnel and shoot it coming through the portal the try to follow it around the corner

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