Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chasing Steam

The restored Norfolk Southern 630 was back in town this past weekend. I spent the day with John and Ian chasing it round the area.

The 630 rolling back to the Bristol Train Station on Saturday evening

A shot of the Bristol Train Station after everyone had gone home

In front of Gilley's Hotel / Bulls Gap Train Depot

and yeah, technically it's a fake ... the diesel pic was taken about
an hour before the 630 arrived, I merged the pics in CS5
Rolling downhill past the old Limestone Depot ... notice the lack of steam and smoke
There was a mechanical problem with one of the diesel pushers between Limestone and Jonesborough
which made the arrival in J'boro about a 45 minutes late. Here the 630 is passing the Salt House headed for Johnson City.
the last shot of the day was the 630 crossing Boone Lake over the Bluff City bridge