Wednesday, August 29, 2012

CC&O Railroad Depot

I do like me some railroad depots, there's something about the shape of these buildings that draws me in. I've photographed several of the depots in the area before they were torn down (sometimes to be moved), it's my little effort to preserve some history.

I've been in a love/hate relationship with the old CC&O Railroad Depot in downtown Johnson City. It's so close, yet it's always been so un-picturesque because it's been neglected to the point of almost falling down. It's been bought and sold several times over the last few years, with each new owner doing some repair work, but never enough. The roof is usually covered with ugly blue tarps, and the covered platform is usually full of debris. There was always something really unattractive about the property whenever I had a chance to take a picture.

Once I heard that Tupelo Honey Cafe decided to refurbish the building and move in I figured time was running out on opportunities to takes it's picture before it was deconstructed then reconstructed to house the restaurant. A couple of weeks ago there was an excellently cloudy sky with some good late evening color, so I went to take it's picture, but, true to form, the grounds were being used as a staging area for all the utility work being done in downtown JC. The place was ringed with orange fencing. Inside the fence was row upon row of orange barrels, orange cones, and stacks of black pipe. The property was literally covered with trucks, trailers and earth-moving equipment ... drats, foiled again.

CC&O Depot - soon to be Tupelo Honey Cafe
But, a miracle happened sometime in the last few weeks. All of the stacks of stuff have been removed and the grounds have been cleaned up - I think the grass had even been mowed. I parked myself on the street corner across from the property and waited on the clouds to roll in and the late evening sun to work it's magic. I could see the reflection of the clouds in the windows, this was going to be a great shot in about 5 more minutes. That's when it all started going wrong, The wind picked up and the whispy white clouds started giving way to black rainy clouds and the red started fading. I snapped one last bracket then packed up as it started sprinkling ... the depot doesn't give up easily.

Bring on Tupelo Honey Cafe !

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