Sunday, June 24, 2012


This past Saturday morning I went back - a third time in June - to Dennis Cove falls to see if the rhododendrons were blooming at the falls. There were some blooms but a lot more buds that had not opened fully ... krep. I guess the late frost that happened up in the cove has the blooming season all mucked up. Oh bother. 

We any way, I was there, and I already have lots of pictures of the falls so instead of taking some more like the other ones, I captured about 50 pictures intending to try to make a short time lapse video. That didn't turn out too well because my pictures weren't spaced far enough apart to show any real movement ... I'll know better next time.

But I had an idea ... you've seen star trails where folk take several long exposures of the night sky and use software to stack the images into a single file. In my head I figured the flotsam on the water could make scum trails as they swirled around, but in reality they didn't. I used CS5 to stack the images and this is what I ended up with ... it's kinda interesting, but not special. Again, the answer is much longer exposures.
scum trail fail
Here are two proper pictures I made of the rosebay rhododendron at the falls, not in full bloom yet but still very pretty.

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