Monday, May 21, 2012

Laurel Fork

I keep reading posts saying that the rhododendron along the parkway are in bloom. I really want to get back to Upper Dennis Cove falls when the rhododendron are in full bloom. I made another trip back to the cove Sunday afternoon to check on the progress ... and ... nothing. The rhododendron are just now putting out new leaves, there are a few flower buds, but no flowers.

I walked in to the first creek crossing and came back, the creeks still a bit high, and cold, and I didn't feel like wading across if the blooms are still weeks away.  I took this picture on the way out.

It's a  noisy cascade about a 100 yards downstream from the crossing, down a side trail made by the folk what fish for trouts. It was bright and sunny everywhere except down in this little corner, and I got lucky that the one cloud in the sky covered the sun for the couple of minutes I needed to take the picture. The water is not very clear right now, it's not muddy, just has a rusty tint to it.

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