Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dutch Colonial Hip Roof Barn

This is the old Humphry's barn in Meadowview Va. I expected to find this barn on a farm but it's located right behind a car wash. The other side of the barn is starting to fall in, which is pulling the ends of barn in toward the center. This is causing the 'chicken coop' to tilt backwards and twist, it might not last through the winter.

The roof style is typically seen on a house not on a barn, it's part dutch colonial, part hip roof. And the tin is definitely not typical for barn in southwest Va. I really like the texture and the color of the roof.

It was a bit blustery, so when I arrived onsite the clouds were beginning to dissipate, and by the time I had circled the barn to scope out the best picture spot the clouds had already moved so much that I lost my cloudy background sky. Cloudless sky causes the halo around the barn - the bane of HDR processing.


  1. Nice shot of this barn Mike. Great sky and color contrast.

    I'm heading up that way Sunday to hike the Channels and will see if I can't find this barn.

  2. If you get off at Exit 24 and go south, at the intersection with 11E the barn will be across the road on your right. I crossed 11E and parked at the car wash and it's right there.

  3. I agree with you, Mike. The roof has a nice texture, and even it’s not a common material to use in barn, it still complements the design somehow. And that is a great shot! I love the composition and colors of this photo. I just hope the owner will renovate this barn to regain its beauty.

    Lue Madson