Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mock's Mill on Cedar Creek Rd

Anybody know the name of this old Mill? It's at the end of Cedar Creek Road, not far from where it intersects with Rivermont Rd.

It looks like there was some tornado damage through this area as well, several trees down, and notice that several pieces of the roof tin and metal siding are loose or missing on the mill house.

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  1. It's Graham's Mill (or Mock's Mill) !!
    Graham's Mill sits along Route 803, south of Cedarville. Graham's Mill stands 3.5 stories tall and appears to be in good condition. The steel wheel still stands beside the building, and it has been said the interior is intact. The existing mill is not the original mill on this site. The original mill was a two-story, log structure built prior to 1829. The log mill ran solo until 1914 when the current building was constructed. The new three story structure was equipped with roller mill machinery that produced a finer, whiter flour. For some time there was a combination grist/roller mill operation at Mock's Mill. This is the only known site in Washington County where tandem overshot wheels ran consecutively.