Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sulphur Springs UMC Camp Meeting Grounds

Here's another building that I drive by several times a week and say to myself "you ought take some pictures of that church cause it's got some cool lines".

It's the Sulphur Springs United Methodist Church on the Camp Meeting grounds which have been here since 1820. The plaque out front reads: "The Methodist church has conducted meetings here since 1820. Camp meetings are religious festivals at which participants eat and sleep on site. The first shed at Sulphur springs Camp Meeting Grounds was erected in 1842. A new shed, 74 feet by 42 feet, was built in 1900, using hand-hewn logs from the original structure.

Here's a heavy-handed faux-HDR of a section of the interior of the shed next door to the church. The lighting was really bad when this was taken. It would be a great HDR subject for a late evening shot, with just the ceiling fan lights on.

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